Music Rewind: Rock Regalia Revisited

Recently, my dear mother decided she’s had enough of letting me treat her house like a giant storage bin for all my long-since-useful crap.  On a recent trip back home, she finally made me take away all the gawdawful CDs I bought in college (examples: The Union Underground, Powerman 5000, Methods of Mayhem . . . I am ashamed of my past) along with a garbage back packed with old clothes.

Well, in that garbage bag, I found a bunch of band shirts and hats.  Most of these I bought at concerts.  As you’ll be able to see, they’re mostly cheap bootlegs.

Sevendust – Home (album) promotional shirt.  I bought this at the Pontiac Silverdome on December 31, 1999.  Sevendust opened the show that also featured Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, and headliners Metallica.  I’m assuming that the stadium was about 1/5 full when they hit the stage, but since I was firmly packed within Metallica’s snake pit, the show was a sellout to me.  Good times.

Foo Fighters – Eponymous album promotional shirt.  I did not buy this at a concert nor at a store.  This was given to me by my college girlfriend.  This girl convinced me to fly to the Netherlands to visit her when she was studying abroad, then she dumped me a week after we got back.  I should burn this shirt.

Pantera – Reinventing the Steel tour shirt.  BOOTLEG!  I saw these guys at the Deltaplex in Grand Rapids in February of 2001.  This was by far the most violent and chaotic show I have ever attended, and also one of the best.  The crowd was in such a panicked frenzy that the mosh pits began 15 minutes before Pantera took the stage.  My friend John and I were maybe 20 feet from Rex Brown the whole show.  My favorite moment was when all the utter mayhem and violence stopped for one peaceful and transcendent moment as Dimebag ripped off the end solo to “Floods.”  Totally amazing.

Metallica – 1994 world tour shirt.  I did not attend this concert, as I was a mere 13 at the time.  I found this at a used clothing store when I was a junior in college.  It’s an XL, which is what size shirt I was buying at the time.  Too much beer and all-you-can-eat cafeteria food in college.

Korn – Sick & Twisted tour shirt.  BOOTLEG!  I picked this up outside the Palace of Auburn Hills after I saw this show in April of 2001.  It was Korn and pre-wussified Staind.  This show happened on the same night that MSU won their last national championship in basketball.  If I could do it all over again, I’d have watched the game.

The Rolling Stones – Bridges to Babylon world tour shirt.  BOOTLEG!  This was the biggest show of my life when I saw it.  It was our senior year in high school.  Me and two friends went with my friends mom (she rocks).  Just a purely ridiculous stage setup.  But I’m glad I caught the Stones before they got old.

Everlast – Whitey Ford Sings the Blues album promo shirt.  Not a bootleg!  I got this at the State Theater (now the Fillmore Theater) in Detroit the winter of my senior year in high school.  It was Everlast and Sugar Ray when they still rocked (which did in fact happen, if you can believe it).  After the show ended, my buddy’s car wouldn’t start.  I had to call up my uncle who lives in Detroit to come pick us up and drive us two hours home.  Love your family.

Stone Temple Pilots – 1994 world tour shirt.  I did not attend this show.  This was actually the very first band shirt I ever owned.  My folks got it for me for Christmas when I was 14.  I was stoked, even though it looked goofy on me.  Some shirts just don’t site well on me.  I think I have a weirdly curved spine or something.

Soundgarden – Pretty Noose promo shirt.  I pick this one up at Kohl’s, because I really rock that hard.  I think I got it my sophomore year of high school.  It got kind of uncomfortably tight, probably because I was getting so ripped or something.  So, I ripped the sleeves off and this became a gym shirt.  See, I rocked out even when I was in gym.

Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness tour shirt.  BOOTLEG!  It was the fall of our sophomore year in high school when we all piled in a van and caught this show at the Breslin Center in East Lansing.  I remember in the break before the Pumpkins took the stage, two dudes who were sitting by us starting swinging at each other.  One dude hit and ran down the stairs, so the other guy started mocking him for being afraid.  So, the dude slowly turns around and walks back up the steps, and the entire arena goes nuts!  Clearly, we were starved for entertainment in mid-Michigan in the mid-90s.

B.B. King – World Tour promo hat.  I saw this guy for my birthday my senior year of high school.  There’s no year on the hat, because . . . does it matter?  The guy hasn’t stopped touring since the 60s!  He was 73 when we saw him, and I was thinking we were lucky to catch him before he hung it up.  He’s 86 now and he’s still out there.  I hear it’s still a good show.

Metallica – Garage, Inc. promo hat.  My friend Jacob bought this same hat for about $30 at the Silverdome show we went to.  I found it a few months later at Spencer’s in the mall for about $5.  Sorry, Jacob!  I’m not sure I ever actually wore this.  I mean, look at it!  FUG.

Metallica – some random promo hat.  I’m not sure, but I think that same money-draining-then-dumping girlfriend bought this for me.  I wore the hell out of it.  That is not bad lighting.  That’s what used to be a black hat.  I hate to say it, but I doubt I could put it back on without looking like a total redneck.


That is all.  Not sure why I shared all this.  Just some blasts from the past for you all.


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